We’ve been asked to create a visual identity for Austrian community TV channel OKTO’s 10-year anniversary party. OKTO is somewhat quirky and quite different to other Austrian TV channels. The channel is shaking up the media landscape by implementing unusual or experimental TV formats.

Metaphorically speaking OKTO is the visual interference, the white noise, the flicker in contrast to a crisp and clear television image. Therefore we decided to reinterpret a graphic very well known to TV viewers – the test pattern. Well, in this case »reinterpret« means … to destroy.

We started with creating static images for print based on the visual concept we came up with. Creating the animation however gave us the chance to do more storytelling. Which means to put the set of graphic elements we’ve been using in context. An imaginary viewer is zapping around. But all he sees –regardless whether it’s sports television or the cooking channel – is the creative mess created by OKTO.

Another cooperative project with Sebastian Pataki.


Year: 2015

Together with Sebastian Pataki

Audio: Gabs