From Manner with Love

A Stopmotion animated film for Manner, an austrian confectionery corporation which produce the world famous Neapolitan wafers.

Welcome to the world of Manner. An invitaion to playfully deal with the values of the company and the reason why the pink cult brand is so loved by its custumors over the last 125 years. From Manner with love, a handmade promotion film for the Agency Merlicek & Grossebner.

Check out the Making of pics here: LWZ Flickr

Year: 2016

Client: Manner
Agency: Merlicek & Grossebner
Director: LWZ
Line Production: Skop

Head of Production: Stefan Salcher
Line Producer: Maria Otter
Modelling Coordinator: Markus Harthum
Art Directors: Stefan Salcher, Markus Wagner

Designers: Sandra Reichl, Stefan Salcher, Markus Wagner
Character Design: Markus Wagner
Storyboard Artists: Martin Lorenz, Markus Wagner
2D Animators: Martin Lorenz, Stefan Salcher, Markus Wagner
Post Production/Compositing: Martin Lorenz, Stefan Salcher, Markus Wagner
Cleanup Artists: Markus Harthum, Martin Lorenz, Stefan Salcher

Setdesign: Sandra Reichl, Stefan Salcher
Stop Motion Animators: Markus Harthum, Martin Lorenz, Diego Andres Rojas Ortiz, Sandra Reichl, Tobias Schererbauer, Markus Wagner
Photography: Markus Harthum, Jascha Novak, Tobias Schererbauer

Music: Johannes Umlauft
Sound Design: Soundfeiler

Supervising Modeller: Markus Hartum, Jascha Novak
Fabricators: Markus Harthum, Martin Lorenz, Philipp-Emanuel Mauthe, Jascha Novak, Diego Andres Rojas Ortiz, Stefan Salcher, Markus Wagner
Head of Painting: Maria Otter
Painting Assistance: Florian Mayer, Katharina Hölzl, Akram Al Halabi, Tobias Schererbauer

Gaffer: Alex Haspel
Electricians: Lisa Faderl, Leopold Kaserer
Grip: Valerian Karl

Color Correction: Daniel Hollerweger

„Making of“ Camera: Tobias Schererbauer, Florian Erben
„Making of“ Editing: Maria Otter

Studio: Peter Dopplinger FGV GmbH
Catering: herzhaft – Georg Duffek