Radio FM4

Austria’s Radio FM4 is aiming at a younger demographic. It describes its format as alternative mainstream featuring reports and comments on music, pop culture, film, literature, games and politics with moderation in german, english and french. The core of their new campaign »Sounds like FM4« are four themed posters designed by different viennese studios. Our poster visualizes »home«. In addition we merged the four styles into one animation.

Sounds Like
Year: 2015

Animation: LWZ
Audio: Rudolf Ortner
Radio FM4

Concept & idea: Sabine Brauner, Daniel Kupka, David Dittrich, Rudolf Ortner, Matthias Schönauer
Art direction: Sabine Brauner

Other illustrations:
Festival Atzgerei
Urban Wald & Schwert
Job & education Adhocrates Collective

FM4 EM-Quartier / WUK Vienna
Year: 2016
Photos: Niko Ostermann
Photo Flag: Philippe Lapierre