Attention – A Life In Extremes

Attention – A Life in Extremes is a 90-minute documentary film, based on the stories of three extraordinary men. It is exploring an unusual perspective on the conditions and forms of expression that define our modern society. The film portrays a wingsuit flyer (Halvor Angvik), a freediver (Guillaume Néry) and an extreme cyclist (Gerhard Gulewicz) in their ambitious struggle to reach the top of the sports world. Director Sascha Koellnreitner invited us to develop the visual identity. That included the titles, infographics in the film, posters, flyers and the artwork for the soundtrack.

Year: 2014

Animation: LWZ
Director: Sascha Köllnreitner (photo: Alexandros Merkouris)
DoP: Viktor Schaider
Cut: Jörg Achatz
Audio: Michael Krischan
Music: Anna Müller (HVOB)
Production: Adrialpe Media